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Location:Gotham, New Jersey, United States of America
[Player alias is Amy.]

Hero Points:
1 from that time Alex forgot I had Uncanny Dodge [Hero Point is gone now. It died nobly to save poor Steph.]
1 from operation: Civil War during the Grundy fight.

Character Biography:


Son of Sandra “Moonday” Hawke and the first Green Arrow Oliver Queen, Connor was born out of wedlock after a fling between Moonday and young Oliver, then not Green Arrow but a self-centered womanizing ass, who was shipwrecked on an island not long after Connor’s birth.

Mixed white, Black and Korean, Connor was frequently bullied as a child due to his single mother and multiracial heritage, and bounced from school to school as administrators repeatedly turned a blind eye to his predicament, acting only to punish young Connor for lashing out at his tormentors. Around this time, Connor learned that his father was Oliver Queen, now known to Moonday to be Green Arrow, and began to hero worship his father, carefully collecting articles telling of Green Arrow’s exploits. Eventually, Connor learned of the Ashram (a Buddhist monastery) where his father had once stayed and requested to be enrolled as a monk, wanting to learn archery and follow in his father’s footsteps. His mother, relieved to have a place where her son could be safe while she got her life together, agreed, and Connor spent the next several years training as a Buddhist monk.

His time in the Ashram did a great deal for Connor’s temperament, and Connor became a devout Buddhist, learning peace, serenity and a respect for all life. As part of his training, Connor demonstrated a great talent for martial arts, but his archery abilities remained mediocre, something that frustrated the young man to no end.

After several years, Connor’s time in the Ashram came to an end with the arrival of his father, who sought refuge and healing within the monastery’s walls once more after a harrowing ordeal that left a man dead at his hands and government agents on his trail. When Queen was eventually forced to leave the monastery in order to protect the monks from the agents trailing him, Connor went with him, becoming the second Green Arrow in an attempt to draw agents away from his father.

After Oliver died during an undercover operation gone wrong, Connor became the sole Green Arrow for some time, serving briefly on the Justice League of America and teaming up with such heroes as Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, Robin Tim Drake, Spoiler Stephanie Brown, and Batgirl Cassandra Cain, among others, all the while accompanied by friend of his father and ex secret agent Eddie Fyers. After some time, Connor again retired to his Ashram, accompanied by Fyers, to regain his center.

His retirement did not last, however, as his father was soon returned to life by the efforts of the Spectre Hal Jordan, once Oliver’s best friend. Leaving his ashram to save his father’s newly returned life, Connor chose to stay with the father he had only briefly known after the ordeal was over, living alongside both him and the second Speedy Mia Dearden, as well as frequently visiting with his adoptive brother Roy Harper and Roy’s daughter Lian.

Not long ago, Connor was invited to an archery contest in China, and, flattered by the compliment to his archery skills - and confused about why he was invited, but not his father - Connor accepted. Since his return, Connor has decided to spend some time away from his family, setting up shop as a landlord cross-country in the fringes of Gotham's newly refurbished Amusement Mile.
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